Thursday, September 17, 2009

September17 2009

Well, I guess it won't be too much longer before Sami gets her baby back. Wonder what will happen to Nicole. I like her. I hope she doesn't leave. Interesting the combo of Kate and Stephano. That will come around and bite Kate in the rear end I'm sure. Good, I hope Stephano makes her miserable. Finally Chloe is out of her stupid coma! I'm just tired of that story. Lucas is still a terd. I love Melanie and Nathan though. Mia will soon find out that Grace was hers too. Time to move that story already too. Not liking the whole Bo and Hope hooplah...dumb and boring.

Monday, August 17, 2009

August 17 2009

Wow, just am NOT liking Stephanie! What a horrible thing when Melanie came out of the bathroom and she was there planning another outing with Nathan. I feel for you Melanie! No idea what is up with the kidnappers. Not the best story for Bo and Hope in my eyes. I'm not really interested. I hope Philip sticks to quitting Titan and the 'family' business. Of course this will lure Stephanie back and throw him for a loop all over again. I was glad not to see Kate or Lucas for a bit though. I'm a day behind still so if you know more than this then don't tell me yet.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

August 12 2009

Well Lucas is a terd! What a jerk! His reaction to Chloe is ridiculous. I can't believe no one has told him that she was completely faithful to him while they were married. Maggie and Nicole both know that. Oh well, whatever. It's good to have Justin back. Just like old times. I love how he is with Victor. Rafe should just tell Sami what happened so they could move on. I'm sure its a doosy of a secret though. Who is that with Ciara and why does someone want her? I hope Justin totally looks into Kate's involvement. We'll see....

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

August 4 2009

Well now we know that Ariana is a dealer and that is certainly different for a female story on Days. I think she may be under cover or something like that. Maybe she is also FBI like Rafe was. Maybe that`s why Rafe`s Emily was killed due to some deal gone bad. Who knows. Lucas is sure rolling all the accusations around in his mind. He`s angry right now but I think he knows Daniel told him the truth. Philip may become a new man after what happened to Carlo. He should go into a special law field cause he was trained for all that when he was a marine. He and Stephanie could be happy.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

August 1 2009

Well, its a good thing Lucas went to see Daniel in jail. At least he'll have some doubts about Kate. Not sure what the Miriam woman is planning but I'm sure it's trouble for Rafe. I'm still not into the Teen story yet. They all seem boring, not like when Belle and Shawn and Philip and Mimi were all teens. but maybe they'll get better yet. I for sure don't like the Kinzy girl at all. Well, not much to say since not much went on. Perhaps more will happen Monday.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

July 30 2009

Sami and Rafe were sweet and funny today. Just wonder what he's hiding. Kate spins her wicked web on poor Will. I'm so glad Lucas went to see Daniel cause he should start to put the pieces together about what he caught Kate doing here and there. Nicole was so good in the hospital room today. So sincere and sad. I felt for her. I'm glad she and Chloe are frineds. I'm glad too that she has Brady. I guess Ariana is still on some sort of drug by the way it ended yesterday too. Unless she was buying something else from that guy. I hope they show Melanie soon again. Old Stephano is up to no good for sure. I love watching him and Nicole though. So funny. Well, there you have it.

July 30 2009

I love that Victor knows what Kate did and that he's making fun of her. It is awesome that he wants Daniel free and that Kate's plan won't go exactly as she wants. I'm glad too that Bo believes Daniel is innocent. I'm a day behind and waiting for Rafe to say what happened in his past. I have a feeling it will turn out to be something accidental or something cause I don't think they'll get rid of his character. It was nice to see EJ and Nicole not just arguing for once. I'm tired too of the Mia, Chad thing. Move on and let the kids have a new story. I will watch and be caught up today and will write a new thought later.

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